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High Quality, All Natural, Small Batch, Hand Crafted Grooming Products


High Quality & All Natural

As a top Grooming Shop, Clean & Unshaven has been serving the aesthetic needs of our customers since 2019. We offer high-end products, including our famous Beard Butter. Clean & Unshaven works only with high-quality ingredients to make sure you buy premium products. All of our products are made using minimal ingredients for maximum quality. Stay connected for news about future product releases.



At Clean & Unshaven, we make it a point to keep in stock only the highest quality products, such as our signature Mango Beard Butter. Visit our Shop today to see what scents we currently have in stock.



Our Premium Mango Beard Oil will leave your beard looking and feeling moisturized and healthy.



Premium Beard Wash to clean your beard while providing the moisture you desire.



Our branded merchandise allows you to represent your bearded lifestyle IN style.

Interested in inquiring about our products? Contact us today.


Hear from our customers.

At clean and Unshaven we hold our customers in the highest regard. Our aim is to provide you with premium products for maximum satisfaction. Hear from some of our highly satisfied customers.

Emily L.

I purchased this for my partner, and I’ve gotta say I’m very impressed with this product. So many hair care and facial products these days are made with so many different chemicals that you can’t really be sure what’s in it. That’s not the case with mango beard butter since it’s made with all natural ingredients, which is one of the things that caught my attention. It’s refreshing to be able to pronounce and recognize all the ingredients in a product that’s being used on a near daily basis. My partner has been applying this every few days and he loves it! Not only does it smell amazing, but he also says it leaves his beard feeling soft and nourished. We will definitely be buying this again, as well as trying Clean and Unshaven’s other products.

Besides creating great products, I’m also impressed with the professionalism of the owner. Not only did our order arrive super fast, but the owner has also been very receptive to our feedback and answered all the questions we had about the product prior to purchasing.

Overall, we’re happy with the product and more than happy to support a small business that offers such high quality products and excellent customer service. 10/10 would recommend for your beard or for the beard of someone you love!



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